Mastering Your Math, Chem or Physics Final


by Rick Nau

  1. Collect all tests and quizzes that you have on hand.
  2. If you are missing any tests or quizzes, get copies from your teacher or friends.
  3. If your final will cover a chapter not tested, collect all homework and handouts on this chapter and staple together.
  4. Arrange tests, quizzes and item 3 material in reverse order by date (most recent on top).
  5. Write the chapter number at the top of every page (front and back).
  6. Working backwards by date, redo in writing all questions that you got correct.
  7. Get complete solutions to all of the questions that you missed (except extra credit problems).
  8. Working backwards through your tests and quizzes, learn how to do as many of the questions that you missed as possible. This may require sessions with your teacher, a tutor, or with friends who are good at teaching math, chemistry or physics.
  9. Working backwards, redo all problems (in writing) a second time. If you are running out of time, concentrate on the problems you are most likely to forget without practice (usually the ones with more steps).
  10. Working backwards, mentally practice all problems. Go through them in the same order (2 or 3 times, if possible) until you can see all of the problems on each page as you would the pictures in a book.
  11. Get enough sleep the night before the final and have a good breakfast before it.
  12. Use the concentration methods that you've learned in sports, theater, dance, music or other areas to help you relax and focus during the exam.
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